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The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge State of Mississippi, Free and Accepted Ancient Yorkrite Masons, Prince Hall Origin, National Compact U.S.A.

The developmental years of the M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge is sketchy due to factors the Grand Lodge was subjected to at its inception. Poor record keeping, and passing of information from mouth to ear appear to have been prevalent, and the rule rather than the exception in these years.  

The reorganization of Compact masonry in the state of Mississippi took place in Greenville, MS on June 24, 1889.  At the formation of the Grand Lodge there were a host of lodges in the Mississippi Delta. 

The original warrant bearing the names of the following brethren: the Honorable J.M. Connor, G.W.M.; C.B. Williams, G.S.W.; E. Worthy, G.J.W.; Other members: Y.D. Shad, Jes Robinson, C.J. Jones, G. Levenle, O. Winglow, Chas F. Shad and M.L. Nases.

Masonry under the Compact caught on like wildfire and lodges were warranted in several towns in the Delta, and in the early 1920's onto the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There have been lodges under the MWPHGL, Compact auspices in the cities and towns of Mound Bayou, Cleveland, Merrigold, Arcola, Moss Point, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulfport, Mount Olive, Picayune, Creole, Three Rivers and Jackson.

 Brethren from one of the subordinate lodges of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge set out on its mission of benevolent uplift among our people of color. This group initiated a project to purchase some land and erect a masonic temple for the purpose of carrying out the work of freemasonry. God having smiled upon them, the financial efforts were successful and the brethren were able to purchase a lot of land, and erect a temple at 4331 Bowen St. in Moss Point, Mississippi. Victory Lodge #22 has served as a pillar of support for the Moss Point community as well as the M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge. In 2007, a great opportunity presented its self to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge. The local lodge in Jackson approached the new owner of the Masonic Temple located on Capital Street to discuss occupancy, of the facility. In November 2007 all negotiations were effected for the Prince Hall Grand Lodge to take occupancy of the facility. The temple is one of the largest in the United States beholding to Masons of color. The Grand Lodge regularly opens the temple to community groups, so if the facility is needed feel free to contact the Web Master of the Grand Lodge

We, the members of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge fellowship with all masons of Prince Hall descent.


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